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Origami Ghosts

A Short Bio:
Anti-Folk…Pysch! It’s pop that might actually be punk @ heart. Or just sweet soulful tunes crafted from Bellevue, WA’s own singer-songwriter/guitarist John Paul Scesniak: an existential lad. Joined by friends of great many talents who play: piano, flute, melodica, cello, drums, bass, trumpet, accordion, hammered dulcimer.

The current OG lineup as of 4/12/17 is as follows:

JPS: Guitar + Vocals; Cassandra Wulff: Synth/Flute/Melodica + Vocals; Jacob Leavitt: Cello; Ben Kendall: Drums

On the latest recording „Fruit & Animal“ OG is joined by synth/flautist + vocalist: Cassandra Wulff; accordionista + vocalist: Kara Wiggert; drummer/guitarst: Amir Estakhrian; drummer: Kelly Viergutz; and bassist: Alan Guitierrez.

A Long Bio:
Seattle band Origami Ghosts is the musical project of Bellevue, WA native John Paul Scesniak — traveler, teacher, artist, and musician. Since 2004 “JP” has surrounded himself with some of Seattle’s finest and most creative musicians to produce highly entertaining performances and unique recordings, all under the Origami Ghosts moniker. Origami Ghosts make warm and soulful folk-rock music, with a priority on melody. Growing up a huge fan of folk, pop, R & B, hip-hop, and rock music — as well as being immersed in the steady, festive, and joyous sounds of marching band music as the son of a college football coach — Scesniak began writing „bedroom pop“ songs in the early 90’s and began studying the guitar at the University of Washington in 1996. Throughout the following decade, Scesniak performed his songs at open-mics, house parties, artist lofts, art galleries, cafes, bars, University theaters, and clubs around Seattle, China, Japan, and France – under the names: John Scesniak, Paper People, and Jean-Paul de Bellevue. Many of these songs were inspired by the extensive traveling that Scesniak did in Asia, Europe, Australia and Brazil in the 2000’s while teaching ESL overseas. When Scesniak collaborated some of his songs with friend and Hammered Dulcimer player Joel Hanson (first in 2000 but later more seriously in 2004) the two formed a duo group and had a show lined up at Seattle’s Neumo’s venue — where Origami Ghosts were born in March of 2005.